Friday, July 17, 2009

The Minds of Children BECAUSE of Books

There is a place inside every books store and every library that I can't wait to explore. The section in which young minds find magic, hope, adventure and the answer to the most important question: You are not alone.

The Children's Books. I adore this section most of all because it is the most influential, the most colorful and the most passionate, in my opinion. Where else do you find the literature that will make, break or change the future? Children are what will keep this Earth turning and bring forth new ideas inspired from the past and present to the future.

From books like Matilda by Ronald Dahl to Green Angel by Alice Hoffman, I believe that the very ideals and essences of these pages influence in such a way that is to inspire any child to soar and believe in something bigger than themselves and also how to teach their hearts to grow in love and respect for all as well as themselves. There is a depth there that no adult can touch, a world that is all there own.

Some begin with classics like Black Beauty, others with the very early picture-learning books by the ingenius Dr. Seuss. Whatever introduction to the great and magical world of books (Mine was the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine. :O) ) there will be that ONE book or that ONE series that will mold and frame their lives forever. Those are the books I am interested in reading, studying and experiencing most of all. May our children experience the most precious and essential conclusions for life to be fully, happily and completely lived: To feel known, understood and strong in a world that is created by and only for them. That is where true growth breathes and lives!

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