Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blood and Chocolate

Provocative. Full of angst and desire. Loving what you are and hating yourself at the same time. This darkness we humans can relate to but could never truly understand from a werewolves perspective.

I give you:

Blood and Chocolate
by Annette Curtis Klause
Vivian Gandillon, the princess of her pack. She seeks normalcy and peace from the chaos the pack is in after her father, their leader, has died. But even a teenage werewolf's life can't be that simple nor that easy to fix.
One thing begins to give her that peace, though. A boy named Aiden. Enchanted by magic and completely overtaken by Vivian, he can't resist. And neither can Vivian! Knowing full well her place is needed in the pack and that Aiden is more welcome on her pack's food chain than in their family, Vivian rebels.
Not only does her longing for freedom and independence push her, but so does one of the nominees for the new leader of the pack.
Name: Gabriel
Motive: No one knows
He seems to want to prove himself to those against him and, especially, to Vivian.
So what does the future hold for the pack? Especially now that there are even more complications than merely a testosterone contest for the lead position. Now there has been a murder that could reveal the member's secret as werewolves to there home town!
Does Vivian reveal her true self to Aiden or be banished from the pack? Does Gabriel become leader or is he blamed for the mysterious brutal murder? Does Vivian choose to stay with Aiden and hide the beast within her or does she accept her place in the pack and become who she was born to be? Find out!
And don't forget to have the piece of chocolate handy...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bohemian Manifesto

"Don't call me before noon, man."
Just as much stereotyped as Goths, Cowboys, and people who wear glasses, Bohemians have been expected to be dirty, hoboish and especially weird. Much to some surprise and entertainment, there are many types and all are very distinct in their actions, dress, literature, and even hygiene. Again another glorious book written by the one and only Loren Stover:
Bohemian Manifesto
A Field Guide To Living On The Edge
Again, another book I couldn't put down! From wine-drunk senses, gypsy skirts, snapping applause and the poetic soul, bohemians have been the navigator's of my imagination. I have always adored the mystery and smoke rings that seem to follow there very existence.
In this book you will find that not all bohemians are the same nor are they even alike. But to be honest, a TRUE bohemian is Always a mix, a "mutt" if you will. The author breaks them down into five specific general types: Nouveau, Gypsy, Beat, Zen and Dandy.
Nouveau is the rich bohemian. These dress and decorate with no conscience and no apology with their elaborate lamps and rugs, top hats and the top-of-the-line mulch. Their ideals are what make them bohemian. Earth-help funds, inspiration to and of spirits, FREEDOM.
Gypsy Bohemians have no money and take the time to enjoy what nature and the Earth gives them. Broke down on the side of the road because the car has a tendency to over-heat? Relax and enjoy the sun rays, maybe even get a tan while you walk to the near-by orchard and grab some lunch. With eccentric styles and not the best hygiene, these bohemians are the most laid back if not the laziest.
Now for the Beats. Created in the late 1950's with rebellion and poetry embedded in their blood, they wear all black, smoke cigarettes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and drink wine. Utopia-seekers with uncensored, unpublished manuscripts who have no problem taking off their clothes. What can I say but that they are free spirits with a reckless track history.
Yoga. Incense. Meditation. Completely engulfed in Indian, Japanese and Tibetan cultures and religions. Definitely the most "spiritual" of all bohemians, they rely on and crave "The Higher Plain" of life. Completely organic based and health nuts, they are also the most healthy of the bohemians. Whether it is metaphysical, environmental or both, you can bet that these bohemians are behind anything to better life for the Earth and for all.
Last but not least, the Dandy. Most polished of the bohemians, they resemble the Nouveaus but without any cash. Dressing as though they live in the Victorian era, thy thrive on thriftiness and antiques. Closets with fur coats from the Dumpster and make-up in all sample sizes, the Dandy has no interest in the "natural" look. Fond of the drink, the Dandy would mostly possess more unpopular drinks, they wouldn't dream of denying a beer if you offered.
With a fun quiz in the back and really cute art, The Bohemian Manifesto: A Field Guide To Living On The Edge is definitely a must-read for those who are wild and free at heart with a touch of poetic soul and a Utopian ideals! Enjoy.
"Create your own universe."

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beauty, Smiles, Style!

"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it."
-Marilyn Monroe

Forever goddesses and forever young. These ladies have been here ever since we can remember. And we never want to forget them. Sex-appeal, confidence and the curves and hi-heels to match. Bombshells have enchanted the dreams and lives of people all around the world. By what about THEIR world?

Knowing a bombshell's latest movie or greatest quote only gives you a mere scent of their passion and lifestyle. Behold:

The Bombshell's
of Style
By Laren Stover
I have discovered this fascinating and completely entertaining book from the help of my lovely co-worker, Diane. I literally couldn't put it down. Laren Stover has out done herself with the insight, fun trivia and inner passion of the bombshell. These ladies are captivating! From their library (Yes, they read.) to shoes, perfume to how they chose their names.
Glamour, their preference. Pink silk, black satin and hi-heels worn especially in the nude. They never have food in their own refrigerator nor their own money because they are always taken care of, always protected, always adored.
The home of the bombshell is never neglected, however. Fur carpets in pink. Furniture of tiger, leopard and zebra print also sometimes mixed in with pink. Always ready for company with champagne on the side. These girls are never unprepared unless they are prepared for it! As for their lounging wardrobe, their birthday suits are the only thing they are the most comfortable in with the exception of lingerie or sheet, so don't be too surprised if that is your welcoming committee at the door.
Perfumes are just as important, if not more so, as their entire wardrobe. From Chanel to Femme, these ladies have brought to our attention that, as the french poet Paul Valery said, "There is no future for a woman who does not use perfume properly."
There is no stopping the eternal beauties and there influences on the way society rates Sexiness. I hope that you enjoy this book as much as Diane and I have. A page-turner from beginning to end, you will not be unsatisfied!
"Why don't you come over and see me sometime?"
-Mae West