Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blood and Chocolate

Provocative. Full of angst and desire. Loving what you are and hating yourself at the same time. This darkness we humans can relate to but could never truly understand from a werewolves perspective.

I give you:

Blood and Chocolate
by Annette Curtis Klause
Vivian Gandillon, the princess of her pack. She seeks normalcy and peace from the chaos the pack is in after her father, their leader, has died. But even a teenage werewolf's life can't be that simple nor that easy to fix.
One thing begins to give her that peace, though. A boy named Aiden. Enchanted by magic and completely overtaken by Vivian, he can't resist. And neither can Vivian! Knowing full well her place is needed in the pack and that Aiden is more welcome on her pack's food chain than in their family, Vivian rebels.
Not only does her longing for freedom and independence push her, but so does one of the nominees for the new leader of the pack.
Name: Gabriel
Motive: No one knows
He seems to want to prove himself to those against him and, especially, to Vivian.
So what does the future hold for the pack? Especially now that there are even more complications than merely a testosterone contest for the lead position. Now there has been a murder that could reveal the member's secret as werewolves to there home town!
Does Vivian reveal her true self to Aiden or be banished from the pack? Does Gabriel become leader or is he blamed for the mysterious brutal murder? Does Vivian choose to stay with Aiden and hide the beast within her or does she accept her place in the pack and become who she was born to be? Find out!
And don't forget to have the piece of chocolate handy...

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Anonymous said...

I'd say put a little wine with that chocolate and this sounds like the perfect read!!!