Friday, January 22, 2010

Foodie? Not me

I have found that one of our most popular genres at Anthology is cooking. Ranging from french cuisine to BBQ, you would be sure to find the perfect addition to your stack of cookbooks in your kitchen. Did someone mention kitchen? It's become a place I try not to frequent these days; rather I am content to graze on nuts, yogurt, an apple, my daily V-8... well, you get the picture.

So what is up with food? From Hell's Kitchen to Iron Chef to Chopped...celebrities and chefs are all finding a way to cash in on our most vulnerable body part: the stomach. Our Winter Catalog offers several selections in cooking including The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion (Sharon Tyler Herbst $29.95), Earth to Table: Seasonal Recipes from an Organic Farm (Crump & Schormann $34.99) and Love Soup (Anna Thomas $22.95). Jamie Oliver even declares an uprising in his book, Jamie's Food Revolution ($35). If you wax poetic about food, look no further than the 'Magnetic Poetry Kit: Foodie'. We have it! "Good food fills me with happiness."

I must admit, there is comfort in browsing the cookbook stacks. I lean toward vegan and vegetarian fare, including The New Moosewood Cookbook (Katzen $19.95). Anything with fresh fish, pasta, homemade stews and soups...even on a rough day there's hope when you own a copy of 101 Things to do with Ramen Noodles (Patrick $9.99).

Stop in! Bon appetit!

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