Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A poetry book from London July 11, 1968

I adore poetry and am always on the look out for my new inspiration of life. Of course there are always the originals: Mr. Poe, Frost and Miss Plate, but I wanted to discover someone. But desires like this don't always come when you are looking and waiting, but when you have no desire to pick up a book of poetry.

I discovered Anne Morrow Lindbergh's The Unicorn And Other Poems the way I usually discover books and authors I have never read: Shelving at Anthology. :) This fantastic hard cover has a dust jacket cover of magnificent character, which is what always first catches the eye. I have seen copies of this book before and also have had the opportunity to read/buy the book before, but like I said before, you cannot control when it is or isn't the right time to experience the pages of a book.

I began to read the book last night and became completely captivated by, what is now, one of my favorite poems. The Unicorn (as refered to by the title) has an ideal thought projected and a strange reflection occured for me. The unicorn has been captured yet is free. The whole concept of attitude is what this fine poem is stitched with. There is physical and there is spiritual. It is a brilliant concept that is forgotten and sometimes forsaken in this day and age. I am grateful that it was brought to my attention and to my heart once more.

A Final Cry is another poem that I have never had the pleasure of reading before but it has forever left a mark. The poem is about life and how minuscule time really is for the human race. The last line says all and should always be remembered:

Praise life, O man,
While yet you can.

Poetry has always been a huge part of my soul and I have so much gratitude toward the Force that brings forth inspiration and creative thought into our lives. Poetry, and in particular the book The Unicorn And Other Poems by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, does it for me. What does it for you?

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