Saturday, June 6, 2009

How many booksellers does it take to put in a light bulb?

Imagine lady holding the light screen, two other ladies moving a metal books display and yet another lady picking up all the books that fall from that display. Now imagine this happening three times within a 10 minute period! A normal situation at Anthology Book Company. It is a good thing light bulbs don't burn out everyday! :) We are so lucky to have a team of great girls who have different talents (and heights)! Without even one of us, especially Greth (the tallest of us all), the job would have never been as sufficient nor hilarious. And we are so blessed to have a boss that isn't above helping put in a light bulb! Thanks Steph!

A day working behind the book counters is never boring. There will always be at LEAST one customer that will make (or break) your day, a book or 3 you find that you never knew you were looking for, but KNOW that you were meant to read it, and then of course, there is always the chai at the Coffee Tree. I never tire of that. :) You can't beat being a bookseller. But it would be nice if the light bulb would quit going out ( and if other light bulbs wouldn't follow the example).


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