Saturday, June 6, 2009

French Milk and the works!

Recently I discovered the travel book French Milk by Lucy Knisley. One of my now top favorites! I couldn't put it down! Mostly because it is "written" in comic form, but that isn't the point. :) It is a delightful story about a young woman and her mother who take a vacation to Paris. Lucy is 21 years old and spends her 22nd birthday there. How great would that be?!? I am 23 and I have only been to the four-corner states, no further! I wanna go...Anyway, the story is wonderfully hilarious and fun. You follow her as she describes the delectable breads, wines, cheeses, her struggle being away from her boyfriend, the interesting people she meets, and the art and culture that surrounds her every step. This book, regardless of the illustration presentation that might possibly be a turn off, inspires you to poor you a glass of wine, set the mood with Paris-like instrumental music and enjoy an hour of humorous cartoons and a real-life adventure from the eyes (and hands) of a young lady growing from the young lady to a woman. (And in Paris! Okay, I am done. :D )

I highly recommend this books for those days when you are alone and want to feel like you have a good friend near OR those nights when you want to rest your head and inspire your dreams. Enjoy!!!

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